Workshops provide you with the opportunity to try a skill with the help and guidance from an expert in the field.  


Practice some pottery skills as you take part in this session. You will be able to experience a variety of different techniques in this hands on class as you make a variety of objects Learn from the best as you build a series of projects using a variety of techniques. Ken will accommodate participants of any skill level and is always excited to share his craft and his experience.

Glass Fusing

Create art by joining glass pieces together by partly melting the glass at high temperatures.

Stained Glass

Create stained glass art using copper foil or leafed flat glass projects.

Glass Blowing

This session allows you to explore how glass blowing occurs and lets you practice this amazing art and craft. Learn to shape molten glass into unique, colourful designs using traditional glassblowing techniques.

Glass Flame work Beads

Create art by joining glass pieces together by partly melting the glass at high temperatures. Make a colourful glass marble by melting and shaping glass over an open flame.


Create an object from wrought iron or steel by forging the metal and using tools to hammer, bend, and cut.

Copper Pounding

This session will teach you how to use a variety of different hammers to form metal through the usage of copper. You will create a piece in this session following along with the instructor and understand how metal stretches and shrinks through various processes that you put it through. Come explore the tools and techniques for creating art through copper hammering. Participants will practice basic skills as they create a piece of their own.

Wood Turning

Turn a pine cone pen and prepare an epoxy blank with different materials. Both of these projects will be yours to take home.

Wood Carving

Learn the steps in carving intricate sculptures out of wood.


This session will demonstrate to you through practical experience how to finish a variety of different products using a variety of different methods. You will learn how to not only finish woods but also metals through different finishing processes Get the best out of your projects by learning to choose and apply finishes. Through this session you will get to explore the pros and cons of common finishes and finishing techniques.


Want to know how to extend the life of your drill bits, Want to know how to shave with a chisel? This session is for you. You will go through the process of hand sharpening and learn the process of using a variety of different jigs and stones to sharpen different products. This is a great way to extend the life of your tools and ensure they are operating at peak performance.

Heat Treating (Metalurgy)

So you spent time learning how to smith a knife. You made a new punch but it keeps going dull. This session will teach you the prinicples of heat treating a variety of different metals. In this session you will heat treat different metals and learn the effects of hardening and annealing a variety of materials as well as what is happening at the molecular level when you treat a piece of metal.

Casting with Disolvable Material

In this session, we will use a variety of different materials to make casts. This session with explore methods of casting materials with a focus on using equipment and techniques that are easily accessible by teachers.

Basket Weaving

You will learn the skills and techniques for willow weaving and how it can be used to either accent your work or to create furniture and other pieces.

Timber Framing

In this session, you will get to learn about and practice a series of joints commonly used in timber framing. This session is great for anyone who wants to learn about joinery and how timber framed houses are constructed

Microwave Casting

Create casted pieces using a microwave. Make the moulds then learn the process for creating the final product. Want to try fusing glass with your students? This session will show participants how a microwave can be used to fuse and cast glass; making the process more accessible in a classroom setting.

Glass Mosaics

Mosaics are a great way to accent industrial arts projects. Learn how to use this process to create unique patterns for use as table tops and door panels.

Making Jigs for Woodworking

This session focuses on the needs of the beginning teacher but may be of value to teachers who are new to an area of instruction where jigs are commonly used. Learn how to create a variety of different jigs that can be used within your shop and how to adjust them for your specific usage. This is a great way to introduce yourself to using a table saw and other woodworking equipment

Electrical Wiring

Practice and create a variety of circuits that are used regularly in home wiring. Learn how to properly strip and attach wires in a variety of circuits This session is intended to provide the basic knowledge and skills necessary to complete a series of simple electrical and electronic circuits. This session may be of interest to those who are looking to incorporate electrical and electronics into a survey program.


Learn how to tattoo, setting up the equipment and practicing a small piece. Yes you get to use the gun. No you don’t have to get a tattoo. Learn to transfer an image, set up the equipment and make some art on a piece of practice skin.

Mechanics – Automotive

Learn a basic mechanics project through the time allotted. Come learn how to incorporate mechanics in to survey program. This session is designed for teachers who are new to teaching mechanics and want to set up an introductory class.

Introduction to Robotics

Sask code and the Ministry of Education will be here to show you the NEW robotics curriculum which is available at 10/20/30 levels. You will go through the features of the new curriculum, resources available and activities that you can do in your class and course at both middle year and high school levels to help work with the modules in the curriculum. You will be given a lot of great resources and some amazing information. Work with a hands on package to have a great time developing this course.