Constitution of the Saskatchewan Teachers of Applied Technology

A Professional Growth Network of the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation

October 2017

STAT Constitution pdf


  1. The name of this organization shall be the Saskatchewan Teachers of Applied Technology (hereafter called STAT).


  1. STAT shall be affiliated with the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation as a professional growth network.
  2. STAT may be affiliated with the International Technology Education Association (ITEA).


  1. The objectives of STAT shall be to support and enhance the professional growth of members regarding the teaching and learning of Practical and Applied Arts in the     K-12 education system in the province of Saskatchewan through collaboration.


  1. Those eligible for regular membership are:
    1. Any member of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation.
    2. Any person with the professional interest in applied technology or registered trades.
    3. Membership applications may be made at any time and membership shall be for one calendar year from date of application.
    4. All applications for membership and subsequent renewal of memberships must be accompanied by dues payable.
    5. STAT Executive may confer on any worthy person an honorary membership. The duration of the membership shall be at the discretion of the Executive.
    6. Any person eligible for regular membership may become a life member and be accorded all rights and privileges of regular membership on the recommendation of the STAT Executive based on past exemplary service to STAT.
  2. Those eligible for associate membership are any firms, business organizations or groups who support the objectives of STAT may, upon payment of a fee subject to the approval of STAT Executive, become associate members. These members shall be permitted privileges as provided by STAT Executive.


  1. Membership fees shall be established by resolution at the Annual General   Meeting of STAT.


  1. The government of STAT shall be vested in the STAT Executive.
  2. The Provincial STAT Executive shall consist of:
    1. Past President
    2. President
    3. First Vice-President
    4. Second Vice-President
    5. Secretary-Treasurer
    6. Communications Officer
    7. Members-At-Large
  3. Duties
    1. President:
      1. Supervise STAT’s affairs and activities.
      2. Official spokesperson.
      3. Present annual report at the annual general meeting.
      4. Report on the annual STAT convention with written reports distributed to all members.
      5. Chairperson of Ad Hoc Committees.
    2. First Vice-President:
      1. Attend Executive meetings.
      2. Acting President in the absence of the President.
      3. Membership Chairperson.
        1. Work with STF staff preparing an up-to-date list of members.
        2. Report to STAT Executive on all aspects relating to membership and make suggested changes in policy.
        3. Provide a membership promotional package to all teachers in related areas.
      4. Privacy Officer
        1. Ensure STAT’s policies and procedures related to the privacy legislation are developed and followed.
        2. Compliance with the privacy legislation including day-to-day oversight.
    3. Second Vice-President:
      1. Work with the President and First Vice-President.
      2. Acting President in the absence of the President and First Vice-President.
      3. Conduct elections at the annual general meeting.
      4. Associate Membership Chairperson
        1. Prepare a brochure outlining the current services.
        2. Publicize the benefits of associate members.
        3. Solicit business firms to become new sustaining members.
        4. Keep current memberships up-to-date.
        5. Collect membership fees, keep a record of such receipts and forward cheque to the Secretary-Treasurer.
        6. Work with the Convention Committee to make necessary arrangements for convention displays and seminars.
    4. Secretary-Treasurer:
      1. Give notice of all regular and special membership meetings, Policy Council meetings and STAT Executive meetings, and keep a permanent record of all such meetings for distribution as necessary.
      2. Deal with official correspondence and execute other such secretarial duties as are part of STAT’s business.
      3. Custodian of all official records.
      4. Work with STF staff in membership renewals and dates and collecting membership fees. Deposit fees in the bank account.
      5. Maintain financial documents.
      6. Disburse funds at the direction of STAT Executive.
      7. Report in detail the financial condition of STAT.
      8. Arrange an independent review of the financial documents at the conclusion of the financial year.
    5. Communication Officer: 
      1. Website maintenance.
      2. Collect and disseminate information as deemed necessary for achieving the objectives of STAT.
      3. Attend all meetings of STAT Executive.
    6. Ad Hoc Committees – STAT Executive
      1. Teacher Recognition
        1. All nominees for Annual STAT Awards are to be submitted to the Executive six weeks prior to convention.
        2. STAT Executive must approve a selection for the Annual STAT Awards.
        3. Awards will be presented at the annual STAT Convention.
        4. This information shall also be made available to the Communication Officer for inclusion on the website.
        5. Review and approve applications for bursaries within two weeks of receiving application. 
      2. Curriculum and Professional Development
        1. Committee executive works in liaison with the STF, Ministry of Education and STAT Executive.
        2. All recommendations would be ratified by STAT Executive.
        3. Committee executive works in liaison with the STF, Ministry of Education and STAT Executive in establishing regional inservice programs.
        4. Reports at the annual STAT Convention.
        5. This report shall be made available to the Communication Officer for inclusion on the website.
      3. Convention
        1. Work with the convention host and aid in any necessary planning.
    7. Members-At-Large:
      1. Members in good standing who shall be appointed at the discretion of STAT Executive.
      2. Have voting rights and privileges at all Executive meetings.


  1. Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the proceedings of all meetings of STAT and its constituent parts except as provided in this Constitution.
  2. Provincial STAT Executive shall have control and management of the property and organization of STAT subject to the will of the membership. Funds of STAT shall be withdrawn from the bank with which they are deposited only by the signatures of both the President and the Secretary-Treasurer. 
  3. STAT’s fiscal year shall begin December 1 of each year.
  4. Vacancies in the STAT Executive may be filled by a unanimous vote of the STAT Executive with such appointees to serve for the duration of the term of the individual being replaced or until the next regular election, or the position may be left vacant until the next regular election.
  5. Regional associations based on geographical convenience may be organized within STAT at the discretion and wishes of the membership in that area.
  6. Policy Council shall formulate policy recommendations and resolutions based on the wishes of the membership at large at the regional and provincial level.
  7. Participation of two-thirds of the STAT Executive shall be available for all Executive meetings and/or all electronic media meetings including teleconference.
  8. Second Vice-President runs the election at the annual general meeting held during convention.
  9. Nominations from the floor of the annual elections will be accepted up to the time of the elections. All nominations cease prior to the first ballot.
  10. At the annual election, there shall be elected a President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President and a Secretary-Treasurer if there is a vacancy.
  11. Elected Executive shall take office after the annual general meeting each year.
  12. Approval of the financial statement shall be affected by two-thirds vote of members present at the annual general meeting.
  13. Annual STAT Convention and annual general meeting shall be held at such time and place as determined by the chairperson of the committee who is hosting the annual STAT Convention and shall be chaired by the President or other appointee.
  14. Meetings of the Policy Council shall be held at the call of the President and shall be under the chairpersonship of the President.
  15. Special meetings of the provincial membership may be called when necessary with the approval of the STAT Executive.


  1. Any representation which STAT wishes to make to any organization, persons, governments, departments or other agency outside the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation shall be conducted through the regular channels of the STF as provided for under Section 36 of The Teachers’ Federation Act, 2006.
  2. Statements of official policy must be ratified by two-thirds majority vote of membership present at any regular or special provincial membership meeting.
  3. Where, at the discretion of the STAT Executive, special circumstances indicated prompt action, the initiative for preparing and presenting statements, resolutions, briefs and other pertinent representations shall be taken by the STAT Executive and on a unanimous vote of the Executive, the appropriate actions shall be taken and full report made to the membership at a later date.


  1. Any and all delegations or representatives of STAT as may be necessary shall be appointed by the STAT Executive to represent STAT at any convention, meeting or assembly. Such delegation or representatives shall exercise only those duties specifically invested in them by the STAT Executive and shall, on completion of their assignment, present a written report to the Executive. If assistance, in part or in whole, has been accorded to the delegation, a financial report will be included.


  1. After notice of motion to amend the constitution has been given, amendment may be affected by a two-thirds vote of members present at an annual general meeting.


  1. Dissolution of STAT shall be affected by a two-thirds vote of members present at an Annual General Meeting.  Remaining funds will be donated to the McDowell Foundation as a directed donation to be applied to PAA research.